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Massive stock hybrid solar inverter, hurry to order!

To celebrate the arrival of 2023, there are currently 4 solar inverters on sale. If you are interested, you can leave your contact information and demand information, and welcome to send your inquiry to get a free quote.

1.Hybrid Solar Inverter (SCI02-PRO/RM) Key Features:

*AN-SCI02 Pro off/on grid hybrid inverter series with automatic frequency adjustment after connecting to utility power.

*Quality far superior to the market.

*High efficiency pure sine wave inverter.

*The input voltage range can be set by LCD so that optimize the overall motion efficiency according to the actual system parameters.

*Optional with removable screen.

*Troubleshooting, monitoring, and support for USB/RS232 communications.

*Surge of 2X continuous power supplying to the motor load.

*Supports WIFI wireless monitoring.

*Remote monitoring and operation can be achieved through mobile APP.

*Supports direct power supply to the load without battery (no need for parallel connection).

*Configurable to return to battery storage.

2.Hybrid Solar Inverter (MD) Key Features: 

*Removable screen, convenient operation for more users.

*It is upgraded from Anern's AN-SCI02-Plus series.

*Exclusive power resolution design, can be used without connected battery.

*Support connect to wifi through your mobile phone to check the system operation.

*Combined with solar panels, batteries, etc., continuous power supply.

*The LCD monitoring screen can be placed at any location in the home to achieve remote monitoring and operation.

*Support WIFI wireless monitoring.

*Support intelligently handle applications and solar inputs preferentially.

*Control the details of the production process.

*High inverter efficiency, low no-load loss.

3.Hybrid Solar Inverter (Azure) Key Features:

*High performance parameters, more reliable.

*Converts efficiently.

*Smart HCI display.

*Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance.

*Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD setting.

*Optimized battery performance.

*Can be connected to lithium batteries.

*Compatible with mains voltage or generator power.

*Overload, over temperature, short circuit protection, etc.

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