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50KW On-Grid System Installed In Cambodia

Project Name:  50KW On-Grid System Installed In Cambodia

Project Type: Commercial Use

Installation Site: Cambodia

Installation Date: December,2022

System components: 100 pcs Mono 500w Solar Panels, 1 sets 50000W Inverter, Solar Panel Rack and cables. 


Anern was contacted by a Cambodian utility company to build a local grid-connected system for site power generation, and based on their electricity needs, Anern concluded that a 50KW system would be suitable for operation and successfully completed the deal.

Commercial, industrial, and government power stations are ideal for commercial grid-connected solar power systems because of their high electricity consumption, long daily power consumption, and high voltage (mainly three-phase). With solar grid-connected power generation systems, it is beneficial to greatly reduce the pressure on the city's electricity consumption each year. Feel free to check out more about our solar power systems for sale, including large off-grid solar system, LiFePO4 off-grid system, etc.

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