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Comprehensive Analysis of Solar Street Lighting System Knowledge and Application

      With the increasingly scarce resources of the earth, the investment cost basis of energy rising, safety and pollution risks are everywhere, solar energy as an "inexhaustible safety, environmental protection and new energy sources more attention. at the same time, also with solar photovoltaic technology development and progress, solar lighting products in the dual advantages of green energy, solar lights, garden lights, lawn and other aspects of the application has been gradually scale, with solar cells, high capacity energy storage element and low power illumination lighting equipment, such as advances in production and manufacturing technology, LED light source, solar street technically mature and perfect.
      Solar street light consists of the following components:solar panels, batteries, lights, solar street dedicated intelligent controller, the poles and lamp housing. If the output power also configure the inverter to AC 220V or 110V.
Solar Street Light Working principle:
Solar lights use LED light source, it is not only high luminous efficiency and long life make. Under the control of the intelligent controller, daytime solar modules to the battery pack, battery to provide power at night to solid light load. DC controller can under any conditions: sunny or rainy days ensures long battery does not overcharge or over discharge were damaged, along with light control, time control, sound, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection. The controller general use of advanced non-contact control of technologically advanced light control function can automatically light up at night, during the day and automatically turn off the lights, light control can also be achieved timing lights turn off the lights at night and has auto-switching function.
Advantage of solar street light
Easy to install:
Mains lighting project has a complex sequence of operations, first laying of cables, cable trench excavation will be carried out here, and the laying of underground pipe, pipe threading, backfill and other large infrastructure projects. Then lengthy device debugging. If any one line has a problem, they have a large area of rework. And the terrain and lines require complex, high cost of labor and auxiliary materials.
Solar street light is easy to install, without laying a complex line, just do a cement base, and then use stainless steel screws.
Lowinstallation costs:
Mains lighting work has a  high fixed costs, long uninterrupted lines and other configurations for maintenance or replacement annually.
Solar street light is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, you can recover investment costs in three year, long-term benefit.
More safety:
Mains lighting has a security risk, because the mains lighting renovation construction quality, landscape engineering, materials aging, power supply is not normal, bring a lot of security risks in conflict areas such as water and electricity pipes.
Solar street light without any security risk, it is the low voltage products , safe and reliable operation.
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